Principal Message

Dear Parents and Students,

As Principal of Birla Open Minds International School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website and we thank you for taking the time to visit. School may look different this year with the integration of online learning into our daily life. We are hoping to commit to an in-building hybrid schedule soon, where classes will be a mixture of online and offline which will be held at the school.
What will never change is our commitment to serving our students, families, and community with care, compassion, and dedication. We hope to provide you with some useful information about the school and to give you an insight into the wealth of experience we offer our students.
We are a co-educational institute, welcoming students from a wide zone around Pampore and Srinagar. Offering the broadest range of practical and academic subjects in the area, we endeavour to provide each student with a curriculum which both challenges and inspires them to reach their individual potential. They are allowed to grow and learn in a safe, creative and holistic environment that is constantly evolving to meet their needs.
We also provide an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to suit all tastes and interests, such as sports, school tours, various competitions, performance events, active citizenship, quizzes, bonding trips, yoga and debating. We encourage our students to participate wholly to ensure the well-being and happiness of each and every one in our school.
Attending Birla Open Minds International School your child will gain mastery in communication skills, coherence, and develop capacity for independent thought. They will also advance in their appreciation of scientific, economic and political ideals and practices in physical & mental health and hygiene with ethical values.
We believe in the unique perfection that exists within each individual, and trust that it can be polished through academic and emotional guidance from the school faculty and teachers. There is a spark of genius in every student which needs a teacher to kindle it. We as facilitators, try to imbibe in our students the value of courage , honesty, curiosity along with a spirit to work hard and excel at what they put their mind to, nourishing an achiever, meant to make the world a better place with their skills and knowledge.
Constructive suggestions from our respected parents and well-wishers will only help us improve your child’s experience learning with us. Let us work together towards a better world for our children!
Yours in Education.