Event Gallery

Covid-19, a novel disease hit all the aspects of life and assured that health takes priority. It forced the closure of schools in order to stay safe. Finding ourselves locked up inside homes, in-person schooling appeared impossible. It created turbulence in normal academic activities. To give respite to the students the school organised in-house activity days. The events were held in school following all Covid-19 SOPS. From 29th September to 9th October, all the students were invited class-wise to the event. The students were involved in many activities like fun races, tug of war games demanding coordination and attention, art and craft activities, musical chair, and many more. The students were highly excited and participated enthusiastically in all the activities. They enjoyed being in the company of their friends and meeting their teachers. After the activities parents and students expressed their gratitude and the need to organize such activities in the future also so that students will come out from the digital world and feel the joy of outdoor activities.